Katherine Donches

Lewis Katz School of Medicine Class of 2018

It’s a week before exam day, now starts the stomach pain

There is no way I can fit all of this stuff into my brain

Why does an hour long lecture have 200 power point slides?

Do I need to remember which drugs have amines and which have amides?

And despite using blue backgrounds with yellow text, our lecturers get paid

To teach us information that is not found in First Aid


It’s the night before test day, and I’m going to bed early

Trying to remember if its basal or squamous cell carcinoma that looks pearly

Laying in bed, mentally trying to draw the brachial plexus

Definitely not ready for this exam, I resign myself to a residency in rural Texas

Turn the light back on to look up which sketchy video features a disease involving sheep

At this rate I’ll be lucky to get 3 good hours of sleep


It’s the morning of exam day, my stomach makes that clear

Taking shots of pepto bismuth like they are everclear

I grab my laptop and give ExamSoft a double click

Every passing moment I feel slightly more sick

*side note: does anyone else panic and instantly forget how to use Exam Soft every time they open it on test day and painstakingly read the instructors, worried you’ll take the wrong test or it won’t save?

My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

I’ve done all I can for this exam, I really hope I’m ready


Its five minutes after the exam, everyones moved into the hall to complain

“I wasn’t sure if the guy in question 30 was still normally grieving or actually insane”

My favorite part is when a lecturer says ‘you’re not responsible for this’

and then it pops up on the test four times, all of which we missed

Finally, after a full week, I’m no longer feeling queasy

Even when I talk to that one annoying student who says the test was easy



Above image taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/110760472060231904/




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